Cabin Details

Sleeps up to 4

$42 / Night per person

Includes breakfast served in the Cantina


Enjoy a piece of American history like you've never experienced it before in one of our genuine tepees. Each tepee can accommodate up to 4 guests on cots. You will need to provide your own bedroll. There is a floor covering inside to keep you and your belongings up off of the ground. You can shower and take care of your other "necessities" at the nearby Bath-House with private His and Hers bathrooms. Towels are provided for your convenience.

Children, or the "young at heart", will find staying in a tepee a truly unique experience that they will never forget.

Remember that we are located in a rustic, frontier area where natural resources are limited. Conservation is critical and your cooperation is essential. So please, do not use hair dryers, curling irons, electric shavers, etc; as these items put too much strain on our solar power system. Also, remain vigilant in your water usage.

Applicable sales taxes are not included in the above prices.